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Do you know the damage that a wild animal can cause in your home? A colony of bats, for example, can bring disease plus damage to attic insulation. Raccoons can gnaw windows and air vents, and strew garbage from your trash can all over the lawn. Moles can dig your lawn. Rats are disease-ridden, and snakes can be dangerous when venomous and in bite. Those are all specialties we have - removing those wild animals from your property. Residential or commercial, we can handle the lot, and there's no job too big or too small for us to take on. And who are we? We're a family run business with over a decade of experience in the wild animal removal field, and we promise to bring you a service that is effective, reliable, respectful and courteous, not only to you, but also to the wild animals who have found themselves in your way. We don't ever use poisons, and only turn to exclusion methods and love cage traps for the most effective animal control. Not just removing the animals, our 24/7 working technicians can also perform a vast inspection of your home to locate entrance points, and work through them, sealing them and preventing the wildlife control problem to return. If this sounds like something you could do with right now, give us a call for your free quote, or just for some useful FREE advice.