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What Smells Repel Morris County Raccoons

Raccoons love to enter into one's house and create a mess by dropping trashcans and dispersing the garbage everywhere. In order to avoid them, use the following smells to repel the Morris County raccoons or keeping them from destroying your yard again!

Smells That Repel Raccoons
Usually there are many ways to avoid letting the New Jersey raccoon into your house but using smell or odor repellents is the most effective and cost friendly method in getting a critter free house. Following are some of the smells that the raccoons practically abhor:

1. Spices
Spices like cinnamon, black pepper, dried pepper etc. when sprinkled on the ground or your yard or wherever the raccoon tends to reside, irritates the critter a lot. It cannot stand its smell hence running towards a location which is much more peaceful for them.

2. Mint
Growing mint in your garden or using the mint bags also allows the Morris County raccoon to head in the opposite direction as the strong, fresh smell of mint is too much for the critter to handle.

3. Pepper
Cayenne pepper is said to be the most effective product in getting rid of a New Jersey raccoon. It can be sprinkled as such or made into a solution and sprayed on the desired areas. Either way, the cayenne pepper is something the critters run away from passionately hence using it will benefit you dearly.

4. Ammonia
Spraying ammonia on certain things or making balls of paper and soaking them in ammonia is enough to scare a critter away. If the critter resides in your attic or backyard, then leave some ammonia soaked paper balls out and watch as the critter immediately shoots off in the opposite direction.

Other Ways to Repel a Raccoon
Besides the odors, there are many other methods which can be used to repel a New Jersey raccoon for good. Following are some of the examples:

1. Sound
Raccoons prefer a peaceful environment hence putting on loud sounds or music when you notice a raccoon is the best way to make it change its course.

2. Lights
Raccoons also seem to be afraid of light. They usually come out around nighttime hence if a light is shone on it as it walks around is enough for it to be sprinting in the opposite direction.

3. Sprinklers
Using automatic sprinklers when a Morris County raccoon enters your territory is also enough to scare it. The critters hate getting their coat or fur wet hence they avoid going near water all the time.

4. Alarm
Using alarms for raccoon invasion is also an effective way in getting rid of it. With the blaring sound and light, the raccoon is startled easily and it runs off towards the wild or any other place.

5. Raccoon Poison
There are Morris County raccoon poisons also available in the market if your problem doesn't seem to resolving with the help of aforementioned methods. However, the usage of poison is forbidden and considered illegal in some states. Make sure to check the laws of your state when opting for poison.

6. Raccoon Traps
Raccoon traps are also used to get rid of them but again the activity is illegal in some states. Hence keeping in mind the law, get a trap which is both effective and competent in its work.

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