Top Humane Morris County Skunk Removal Methods

Do you think you have a skunk in your house? Skunks are known for their terrible odor they release when they are injured, mating or scared. If you have skunks in your house, you must get them eliminated as they can cause serious damage to the structure and landscaping. In this article, we have discussed how to remove the skunk from your house. Have a look at the human Morris County skunk removal methods.

Where Skunks Take Shelter?
Skunk is a wild creature that forms den under the tree, this is in the wild. In cities, the skunks have a variety of shelters. Skunks will a dig into the ground leaving a bowl-shaped depression. They can be found in under several places including:
• Porch
• Houses
• Sheds
• Decks
• Solid foundations

How to Remove Skunks?
Most of the people are not aware that New Jersey skunks are beneficial for your yard. This is because they feed on dangerous pests. Still, people choose to get rid of skunks as they dig underneath the foundations and they release a bad odor. According to the people, the most effective way to remove skunks is to kill them. This is something that is not humane, it is the most dreadful way to get rid of skunks and should be avoided. The best way to remove the skunks is by having an integrated control plan.

Eradicate Shelter and Food
The skunks are attracted to many things in your yard. They will enter your yard looking for shelter and food. If they are unable to find anything, they will move to another place. This is why you should keep your yard clean.
• Your yard must not have had any fallen fruits, seeds, and berries
• Clean up the garbage and use a tightly sealed lid on the garbage bins
• If there are any burrows, you must get it filled or cover them
• Clear up the leaves an grass as there might be seeds hidden
• Remove all the stuff where the skunk can take up shelter like piles of junk, any debris or woodpiles
• Secure the entrance to shed, house, and barns.

Method 1: Trap
A great way to trap Morris County skunk is to use a live trap. It is a difficult solution as skunks release terrible smell when they feel threatened. This is why you will need a professional help to get rid of skunks. When placing the trap you should pay attention food you will be using. It is recommended to use dry cat food, bread with peanut butter or oily meats. You must place the trap near porches, brush piles, hollow logs, burrows, and under structures.

Method 2: Skunk Repellents
Another way to drive the skunk away is by using the repellents. Since Morris County skunks use their ability to smell to look for food. When you use a repellent, you can interfere with their ability to smell and remove them from your house.

Method 3: Fencing
An effective way to make sure no skunk comes in your house is by installing a fence. They are not climbers, so in this way, you will keep your property free from skunks. An important thing to keep in mind is that they can dig. It is crucial for you to extend your fencing under the ground as well. In the end, humane skunk removal methods are challenging that can be performed well by professionals. If you think you have a New Jersey skunk problem, you can contact us.

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